The naturally sourced ingredients in the wax are made from sugar and bees wax, instead of petrochemical wax, to make it eco-friendly.

Dry lubes are great. They go on wet and dry to leave a protective barrier on your chain. Such lubes do need more careful application; you need to start with a thoroughly clean and dry chain, and then methodical applying of the lube to the chain links.

Traditionally dry lubes are best saved for the summer months, but seeing as they’re a scare commodity these days, we’re not going to hold it against Green Oil that they chose to send its latest product just in time for the wet season. Still, it’ll provide a tough testing ground for the new formula.

The company says: “White has been in development for more than a year. Part of the challenge was keeping the formula biodegradable, in accordance with Green Oil UK's company ethos. To do this, we use within the formula bees wax, replacing conventional paraffin or petrochemical wax. This ensures production is more sustainable. During development, we used a solvent which was biodegradable, though produced using petrochemicals. “

White 7.1 costs £6.99 from