At first glance there's nothing particularly imaginative happening here, but pop them on and a few worthwhile features make themselves known. Giro knows a thing or two about bike helmets, and one of its key goals was to make its glasses sit happily on the same head as a helmet. Sounds obvious for cycling glasses, but most riders will be familiar with arms that interfere with helmet straps or collide with your clicky head retention system of choice. No such issues with the Havik.

They're also impressively light, and the (Zeiss Certified, donchaknow) lens is as clear and sharp as any we've come across. Various lens options are available - our test pair had a brown lens that proved useful in most daylight conditions unless the tree cover got a bit dense. Lenses are interchangeable, but you only get one. Additional lenses start at £35.

Ups and downs

Positives: Light, comfortable, solid construction, no helmet compatibility issues

Negatives: Premium price, no photochromic magic


There's a lot to like about Giro's Havik eyewear, with the reassuringly robust feel and great fit being particular highlights. In the UK's ever-changing conditions, though, we find ourselves somewhat besotted by Specialized's photochromic (and slightly cheaper) offerings.


Performance: 4/5

Value: 4/5

Overall: 4/5