Louis Garneau claim they have designed "the most technologically advanced collection ever". It's a bold claim from the company whose founder famously put his arm around the Queen during a photo opportunity.


The former road racer's firm has been in the helmet market since 1988 and the company recently released their new range.

New from the brand is the Carve, a lightweight and well ventilated helmet which features In-Mold Construction technology, a process where the outer shell and EPS foam layer are bound to make for a more durable construction. The outer shell also goes under the brim of the helmet to improve the helmet's durability further.

Tipping our scales at a very reasonable 282g, Garneau's "U Bar" technology in the plastic shell translates to U-shaped ribs of plastic that are folded six times. The ribs then give the the helmet an exoskeleton property that increases its strength. In truth, the plastic outer casing on a lot of helmets at this price point is there to protect the inner foam layer, but this plastic is designed to have a purpose - great thinking.

I have an odd shaped head and struggle to find a comfortable helmet but, for me, the fit of the Garneau is good. The padded lining only covers the front half of the helmet, which I thought would be a negative, but the helmet is very comfortable. Adjustment is the industry standard locking wheel, with the added bonus of a rubber pad that grips well on the back of your head.

Overall the helmet impressed and is well designed both in terms of style and for the job it's intended - protecting your noggin! At £65 it's well priced and is available in red, black and white.