ViewRanger has launched an updated release of its GPS app for Apple devices with the addition of a 'bike and sports training computer'.


Key metrics such as speed and altitude can be displayed in graph form against time, or in a dashboard display of compass, speedo, altometer, trip time, pace against target, navigation direction.

Through the TripView menu, users can create their own customised screen views by combining text, graph or dial displays. The new release is also fully compatible with the Apple’s new iOS5 and iCloud.

ViewRanger is an app that turns your smartphone into a GPS computer displaying Ordnance Survey maps, while is a new website that works alongside the app making it easy to plan a route and find and share trails.

ViewRanger’s entry level app Open Edition on Apple currently costs just £0.69, with national and global open sourced mapping. Users can add regions of GB OS 1:50K mapping for £7.99.

Alternatively, ViewRanger Premium Edition costs £14.99 and includes map credit to install your choice of map area of up to 14,800 sqkm (1000 credits), or international mapping.

ViewRanger also runs on Android and Symbian devices, and already support a range of sports computer features.