Fox has been making full face helmets for the motocross fraternity for years, but the Rampage is the first time they've turned their expertise to designing a MTB specific lid.

It obviously shares styling cues with Fox MX lids, but the fibreglass shell has been slimmed down and an array of ventilation ports have been added. All up weight is 1,165g, which compared to the recently tested Specialized Deviant is a tad heavier, but the Rampage clearly has a degree of extra solidity. The two helmets indicate an interesting contrast in approach - the Deviant is a pumped-up bicycle helmet, the Rampage mroe of a slimmed-down motorbike helmet.

Inside, a neatly designed liner is incredibly comfortable, and is removable to make cleaning a cinch. A complaint with Specialized’s offering was the MX style buckle, and thankfully Fox have added the more commonplace quick-release buckle approach, making fitting a far speedier process. There's no retention device but despite that the helmet proved to be very stable.

As we've come to expect from Fox products, it looks fantastic, particularly with the matte black finish and red decals. The matte finish can mark easily if knocked around, so care needs to be taken when chucking it in the back of the car. Putting it in the supplied bag would be a good start.


Fantastic styling and finish, super comfortable fit, feels solid


Matte finish shows scuffs too easily


The Rampage shows off Fox’s experience producing high quality helmets. While it doesn’t offer the same lightness and ventilation as others, it’s still an incredibly comfortable offering, fits snugly and of course, looks great. We just wonder why Fox didn’t do this sooner...