There are a heck of a lot of lights out there but this tidy little 550 lumen unit from Sweden offers a few features we've not seen elsewhere.

The teensy Silva Pavé lamp unit with two LEDs and a big switch that Silva claims is easy to use while wearing gloves.

For starters, the lamp unit itself is titchy – just 4.5 x 3cm – so it won't take up much room on your handlebar and it's not much extra weight as a helmet light. There are two LEDs in the aluminium housing, powered by a 2.5Amp-hour, 7.4V lithium-ion battery and putting out a claimed 550 Lumens at full power.

The battery lives in a neoprene housing that Velcros to your bike or stem, or can be stashed in a backpack if you're using the Pave as a helmet light.

The Silva Pavé box contents - plus there's a helmet mount that we, er, forgot to shoot.

There are four modes: maximum, minimum, wide, and blink (if you really must annoy the hell out of everyone else on the road). Claimed run times range from 2.5 hours in max, to 20 in blink. Max and min run both LEDs, while wide mode just powers up one of them at the same light output as 'min'.

After switch on, cycling through the modes just gives you max, min and wide, so you're never plunged into darkness. You have to make an effort to use the blink mode, so hopefully most people will never find it.

What's particularly nice about the Pavé is how easily it can be switched between helmet and bar mount. It's not quite bright enough to be your main off-road light, but it's plenty powerful enough for commuting, and looks to pack enough oomph to fill in the gaps if you use it as a helmet light. You could therefore use it to and from work, then switch it up to your lid for a proper ride.

The two LEDS point in slightly different directions, so the wide beam lights up the ground in front of you while spot points further down the trail. That's the only criticism we can think of on paper: you might want to be able to use the spot on its own, for, say, picking out tree-dwelling wildlife.

We'll be back with an update when we've put some trail time in.

The Silva Pavé lamp and battery pack.

More info: Silva Pavé

Weight: lamp & bar mount, 46g; lamp, bar mount, battery and extension cable, 211g

Price: £169.99