Sponser nutrition products, endorsed by 2009 world cross country mountain biking champion Nino Schurter, are being brought to the UK by distribution company Everest Sports.

Sponser gels come in a re-sealable tube

The products will initially be available to buy directly through the company's UK website at www.sponseruk.com. The product ranges includes energy and recovery drinks, energy and protein bars and gels.

Sponser's Liquid Energy and Liquid Energy Plus gels (£1.99 each) come in a two-serving sized re-sealable tubes - like a toothpaste tube - that is easy to open and close, solving the problem of putting a used gel wrapper back in a jersey pocket, or wanting to have only half of the product.

Sponser, who have been in the sports nutrition market for more than 20 years, are offering affiliated clubs 10 per cent off and five per cent back from orders.