Crud Catcher front mudguard - RRP £11.99

It’s the most ubiquitous bit of plastic in mountain biking, and continues to be the most popular mudguard used by mountain bikers.

Now up to its ninth edition, the latest Crud Catcher has grown a lot in length, gained a soft nose and is a lot sleeker than previous versions. And is all the better for it.

It’s extremely easy to install. A pair of rubber O-rings clasps the Crud Catcher to the down tube, with a selection of rings supplied in case your frame has a decidedly small or large downtube. A rubbery Crud logo sits between the frame and mudguard preventing scratches and stops it shifting about.

At this time of year you’re a brave person to hit the muddy trails without some sort of mudguard, and the Crud Catcher continues to work better than most others out there.


Simple, light and effective at keeping mud out of your eyes.

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