Pro Energy Max Gel's flavour is improved to taste better

Manchester-based sports nutrition company CNP has relaunched its Pro Energy Max gel with an improved flavour.

The improved gel is “down on the sweetness and up on the cola flavour," according to CNP’s marketing manager Paul Riley. “We’ve responded to customer feedback – the feeling was that while the product worked very well, the taste wasn’t right."

The energy gel, which is supplied in 45gm, single-portion, tear-open sachets, was the result of a product development partnership with Team Sky and Great Britain Cycling.

“The reaction to the new flavour has been great, really positive – in taste panel tests everyone has been very complimentary," Paul adds.

The Pro Energy Max formula is a targeted combination of caffeine for instant energy, guarana for slow-release energy, carbohydrates to maintain glucose levels, and electrolytes for rehydration. It also contains B vitamins that allow the body to convert the ingredients more easily, to deliver the energy boost to the athlete.

“The critical issue was to get the boost and then maintain it, rather than have the follow-up 'energy flat' that can sometimes happen," explains Nigel Mitchell, Head of Nutrition at GB Cycling. “Results have been excellent: the gel delivers exactly what the athletes asked for."

The new Pro Energy Max gel is available in the high street and through sports and nutrition retailers and independent cycle shops. The single portion 45gm sachet retails at £1.49 and it is also available in boxes of 24.

Check out the CNP website, for more details.