Can it be, is the summer nearly at an end? Judging by the weather over the last couple of days, it might seem that it is. With this increasingly damp weather comes the need once more for regular bike cleaning, so news of the new KaaBoom Dirt Dusting bag seems very timely indeed.

The KaaBoom Dirt Dusting bag is a great all-in-one cleaning kit including all the essentials for getting your bike clean after a muddy ride. Inside there's a 1.1 litre bottle of KaaBoom’s distinctive bright blue coloured cleaner with spray bottle and when that runs out there's a 200ml concentrated refill bottle.

For the stubborn dirt and oil there's a 400ml Citrus Degreaser Spray, and there's an included brush and sponge. The plastic see-through bag this little lot is packed in provides a handy way to keep your cleaning kit together in one place.

It's available now and costs £19.99. You can find your nearest stockist at www.fisheroutdoor.co.uk.