Juice Lubes is a new company that has introduced a full range of lubes and cleaning products, developed in UK conditions and tested thoroughly by UK riders, and some samples have just landed on the Bikemagic desk for testing.

What we've got here is a 600ml bottle of Dirt Juice, a concentrated degreaser ready to be diluted down to the right ratio, making it good value for money as it goes further than other pre-diluted cleaners. It's biodegradable and promises not to contaminate disc brakes.

At the front of the picture is Bearing Juice, a formula designed for application in hubs and headsets with a high resistance to water washout and operating most effectively in low temperatures.

Viking Juice gets its name not from the marauding Vikings warriors but from former professional road cyclist Magnus Backstedt. It's been developed specifically for road cycling with the intent of being long lasting.

Ceramic Juice is a multipurpose lube and as such can be used to enhance the quality of your shifters but keep the cables gliding smoothly though the outers as well as keeping your chain lubed, which it'll do without making your chain go all black and manky looking.

Finally, Chain Juice is a dry weather lube. It's light and doesn't attract trail dirt to stick to the chain; we just need to wait for summer to arrive again before trying this one out...

More on the full range at www.juicelubes.co.uk