Until now, lovers of spray can lubes have had a dilemma – either use Green Oil, or a can of spray lube. Cycle hire venues and mechanics like the ease and speed of spraying on lube, and with the CF3 can now spray with Green Oil.

The CF3 is a re-fillable, re-useable unit accessible to most riders and shop owners at a reasonable retail price of just £6.99. The CF3 is great for work shops where other spray lubes require ventilation to let the toxins out, but where good ventilation is not always possible, especially in winter.

Green Oil CF3 can be filled with Green Oil chain lube, or White super dry. The unit is charged manually using air pressure. Simply push the cap up and down to create pressure inside the CF3 bottle. Then remove the cap, and push down the spray button to spray your chosen lube onto your bike.

Green Oil UK invested in the development of the CF3 following a number of requests by users who like Green Oil, but enjoyed the convenience of a spray – including cycle hire centres and workshops. Since rumour of the CF3’s launch at Core spread at the London Cycle Show this year, a number shops have contacted Green Oil UK following health complaints resulting from traditional spray lube products.

“With Upgrade Distribution we are excited to be launching the CF3, with Green Oil’s debut at Core Bike. Riders no longer have to choose between spray lubricants and Green Oil, with CF3 combining the two," says Simon Nash, Director of Green Oil UK.