VIOO on bar lit

Written by Duncan Moore

Easy to use, compact and powerful front light

Price: £2.79

What they say: B'TWIN has created the B'VISIBLE label for products that improve your visibility while cycling. Greatly improving the visibility of cyclists, whether day or night.

The B’TWIN VIOO LED front light is the simplest front light I’ve ever used, it is also the cheapest, and yet despite that it is extremely bright too.

The simplicity of the VIOO comes from the fact that to mount it to the bike requires no tools. There’re no Velcro straps to mess about with or fabric straps and friction buckles, nor are there brackets that get left on the bike. Mounting the light is simply a case of wrapping the integrated SEBS-elastomer strap around the handlebars, or wherever you want to mount the light, and then pulling the loop up and over the top of the light itself. It is such a simple method that I’m wondering why I’ve never seen anything like it before. It also means the VIOO can be easily be mounted on a helmet as an auxiliary light.

VIOO on bar

Who is it good for: For commuting on well-lit streets I’d be happy use the VIOO as my only light at the front, for riding longer rides on mixed roads, I’d run it with a regular halogen light so that I could see where I’m going. Helmet mounted, it’s light enough to be unnoticeable, and in flashing mode it certainly gets drivers attention.