Brunton Restore solar charger for your electronic devices

You know how it is. You’ve set up camp for the weekend at a mountain bike event, but you forgot to charge up your phone or camera before loading the car. Blast, what are you going to do?

Step forward the Brunton Restore, a solar charger that is designed for getting you out of such a situation. It’s small, light (just 205g) and housed inside the water resistance and rubberised shell is a lithium-polymer battery that will charge any gadget that uses a mini USB lead.

You can either top up the battery before you head out for the weekend or week away, or in the car on your drive there, but if that’s enough the two solar panels atop the unit will keep your gadgets topped up. Charge times are 11-hours when relying on sunshine (if such a thing is possible in the UK?), 4-hours via a computer or 2-hours in the car.

It costs £70 and you can find out more at