Scottish National DH Coach and UCI World Cup racer Chris Ball set up MTB tuition company Dirt School in 2007, and now he's teamed up with Reset Films to produce his own instructional DVD called, in a somewhat Ronsealish fashion, the Dirt School DVD.

The film promises "a totally different approach to learning mountain biking", with the thoughts and feelings of other riders learning. Letting you relate everything to your own experiences. Dirt School covers the essentials in depth, with lessons on blue, red and black level trails for progression. The idea is to cover the fundamental building blocks to trail riding, and even experienced riders could probably benefit from a bit of back-to-basics from time to time.

Chris says that, "the real highlight is in the detail, and there's loads that you may not have come across elsewhere. It's often the small things that count the most." And he's not wrong there.

The Dirt School DVD costs £17.99 and is available from the Dirt School website at - order now and it'll be delivered for Christmas. And before you ask, yes, naturally there's a trailer on YouTube: