Bella Bathurst's latest work - The Bicycle Book

The postman regularly arrives at Bikemagic HQ with a new book in hand, so much so we've got a shelf in the office dedicated as a cycling library. Much to the angst of our colleagues from Golfmagic who we share a desk with.

The latest pages to arrive are from author Bella Bathurst, whose latest work, The Bicycle Book, is released on April 4, priced at £16.99 and published by Harper Press.

"Two wheels. A frame. Two pedals. What could be simpler than a bicycle?" reads the inside cover. Well, as we know, if only it was that simple. In the 306 pages that follow, Bathurst looks to unravel the mythology surrounding the humble bicycle. Not a potted history as such, more a series of stories - whether historical, anecdotal or those akin to an adventure novel - which bring the bike to life.

"From the bicycle as a weapon of warfare to the secret life of couriers and the alchemy of framebuilding," continues the Harper Press blurb.

"With a cast of characters including the woman who watercycled across the Channel, the man who races India's Deccan Queen train and several of today's top cyclists, she [Bathurst] offers us a brilliantly engaging portrait of cycling's past, present and world-conquering future."

Sound intriguing? We'll have a flick through and let you know how it reads.