Written by Steve Turner.

The definition of underground, the first rule of Black Rainbow Project is you don't talk about Black Rainbow Project

What they say: Making the highest quality, longest lasting and best performing products for cyclists with absolutely no compromise

BRP Keyclip2
Since opening shop in 2012, London-based accessory maker Black Rainbow Project has been quietly putting out some of the most exclusive handmade cycle products on the market. With no mass distribution for its limited run of hand-crafted messenger bags, key clips, hip pouches or D-lock holsters, BLP’s reliance on one of the cycle forums frequented by courier and street culture to announce his next batch of products makes items hard to come by, which has in turn made BRP into something of an urban legend among cyclists. But the products are perfect, handmade pieces, and having been given a Black Rainbow Project Key Clip, its easy to see what riders are talking about. The quality of the work is immaculate, while the robust powder coated karibeners and 1OOOd nylon fabric are of the highest quality, giving the BRP Key Clip the a truly unique feel. The cost of the raw materials, and the time involved in handmaking each piece means they’re not cheap and will likely make most riders baulk. But, coming in at around £30-£35 each, they’re designed to last a lifetime and owing to the underground nature of their availability, they’re the definition of cool.

Who it’s good for: Black Rainbow Project products are for the committed street rider looking for a high quality product that flies firmly under the radar.