Watch the Whyte 146 being tested

A critical stage in any mountain bikes life is the testing phase. This usually happens right through the process once the bike leaves the drawing board, through various prototypes and right up to the decision to put the bike into full production.

UK-based Whyte do all their testing right here on British trails, and in the case of the 146 this is no different. Recently Whyte designer Ian Alexander and test rider Mike Smith spent the day tuning the suspension with help from RockShox, to ensure they get the best settings for the 150mm bike. You can see the results of this testing in the video above.

Whyte 146 X first ride

Bikemagic got to ride the Whyte 146 X a while back. We found it rewarding and playful, with a sub-25lb weight that simply laughs at climbs, flying up the climbs seated or out of the saddle. Its handling is wonderfully balanced, meaning you can place the bike wherever you want on the trail; pick off apex after apex.

Read our full first ride review

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