Video: Whistler Mountain Bike Park Open this Weekend!

If you live the right side of the pond or just like to dream of riding otherworldly trails, then check out this vid and get yourself to Whistler as soon as possible. It looks like yet another great season is upon those who ride Whistler and we can’t quite believe it’s open already! 

This is from the Whistler bike team:

So how do you create a force of nature?  It’s that easy…

The Whistler Mountain Bike Park is opening on Friday May 17 and this video comes right in time to showcase how well the Park is riding.  Ideal early-summer conditions last week allowed for almost all of the snow to melt in the Fitzsimmons Zone and has set things up for one of the best openings ever.  The final list of trails to open will be confirmed the day before but at the moment you can expect almost everything to be good to go including favorites like A-Line, B-Line, Crank-it-Up, Ninja Cougar, Karate Monkey and even Crabapple Hits.  See you Friday!

For more information look here:

Whistler website.
Whistler Bike Facebook page.

Lula Darquier enjoying the superb Whistler trails, which look to be in top shape.
Photo by Mark Mackay

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