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Video: Surrey Hills shredding

Video: Surrey Hills shredding

Who here is familiar with the network of trails around the Surrey Hills? Whatever the answer, this video, pieced together by Alex Lovett, shows off the trails pretty well. Nice filming, nice riding.

Alex Lovett in the Surrey Hills – Video CV

  1. Paul Houghton

    Great bit of footage. I thought i knew the Surrey Hills well but i don’t recognise any of these trails. Can anyone provide a heads up to their location please?

  2. David Arthur

    We had the same discussion in the office Paul! Winterfold Hill we believe, over from the main Peaslake car park

  3. Mike McGlone

    Good man, best local video I’ve seen. The surrey hills have some great runs and you guys have captured some of that thrill. Muddy day, did you come off? Liked the workshop bit at the end : )

  4. Phil Daley

    Awesome vid, anyone ridden Lieth Hill which is pretty nearby? Need to find out where to park, where to ride and where to eat a bacon butty!!


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