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Video: Kranked E-Downhill Bike

Video: Kranked E-Downhill Bike

What do you lot think to this, the latest in what seems to be a very long line of e-bikes appearing out of the woodwork for 2014. This seems to be a slightly different take on the idea though, with pure fun as the bike’s intentions and perhaps less along the lines of ‘making MTB easier for the masses’. The jury is out…

Check out all the options (including Santa Cruz Nomad and ranging in price from $5, 425 – $14, 424) on Kranked Kustoms here.

  1. Ashab Defacto

    This is cool but I really don’t get it, why would you want an electric bike, although saying that I would love to have a go though.

  2. paulhaysom

    What a ridiculous video! Why do companies feel it’s ok to use other peoples’ footage for their own use.

    Anyway, to the bike. It’s pointless. If you want an engine to power you, get a motorbike!


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