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Video: Fabien Barel talking 'flow'

Video: Fabien Barel talking 'flow'

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Frenchman, ex-World Champion and Canyon Bikes’ big signing for the 2013 enduro season talks about flow with Dirt Magazine’s Steve Jones. Barel is known for his analytical approach to mountain biking so expect this to be in-depth. Over thinking it? What do you think?

  1. Jamazepam

    Brilliant! More of the same please!

  2. Tim

    Nice… Steve needed to let the man speak more! His theory on wheel sizes was really interesting, from the little he said about it Barel suggests that good riders with flow will be able to generate more speed from a 26″ wheel than a 29″, a 29’er allows less proficient riders to get away with poor flow.

    Another way to look at it is poor riders can get away with ploughing through rough tracks on a 200mm travel bike… whereas a better rider will go faster on a lighter, shorter travel bike…

    Interesting stuff!


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