Video: Basque Country singletrack riding

Sometimes you stumble across a video that just makes you want to drop everything and get out on your bike and ride some sweet singletrack. 

That’s exactly the case with this video sent to us by Ed Oxley, who’s been out in the Basque Country in Spain recently and shot the excellent video you see above. Doesn’t really need much of an introduction, but here’s Ed in his own words:

“I went over there last week to visit Doug from www.basquemtb.com to see the trails and plan a Guided Riding & Skills trip I’ve got organised for June.

“The leaves in the Basque Country are a good few weeks ahead of us here in the UK. In fact it all felt pretty ‘Lush Lord of the Rings’. Lots of great trail riding out there in north west Spain, with 20 minute descents and plenty of scope for a good percentage of van uplift to maximise riding time. Doug and myself are in the video along with my young ripper son Nial. We put the GoPro on him, as he has no problem staying close behind the old blokes and if we let him go first he’d just disappear.”

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