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Stunning mountains, trails and riding in new Parkin brothers film

Stunning mountains, trails and riding in new Parkin brothers film

The Parkin brothers, the guys behind the excellent Dirt TV series of videos, have just released this stunning video.

It’s been shot on their new Red Epic camera, a £25,000 bit of kit. To stretch its legs, they headed to the Lake District and shot this film.

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  1. john

    The path on catbells is a FOOTpath and those guys shoudnt be encouraged to shred it up.It costs fixthefells a lot to repair this kind of damge.

  2. Kevin


    I agree. Amazing filming.
    But the most popular mountain in the whole lake district, which is not legal to ride? Not big not clever.
    Showing loads of skidding on an illegal trail – even less clever.

    I wonder if the national park will be in contact.

  3. Spk

    Pretty good filming and totally irresponsible. The Lake District is a sensitive and important area for MTB. Can’t believe Bikemagic or DirtTV/Parkin Bros is promoting this in any way. Idiots.

  4. JB

    Started off watching thinking hurry up and get to to the riding, then was shocked by the disregard they’ve given to one of the most popular footpaths in the Lake District. Totally irresponsible riding – there’s absolutely no need to lock up the back wheel, he’s just doing it for the camera and ruining the trail in the process. Way to go to give us all a bad name in this neck of the woods. Thanks guys. Muppets.

  5. twopoint6khz

    That’s not Catbells, it’s the footpath down from High Spy. Think what you like about access etc, it’s boring as fook to ride anyway. Certainly not worth a 500m vertical push from the lake.

    1. john

      highspy is next to catbells and its a footpath and what ever you want to think about access its illegal to ride on one.There are hundreds of miles of bridleway in the lake district so why did these fookers not use one?

  6. Dick Barton

    Any idea when the film is going to be released – riding location and type of riding aside, it’s a well shot piece of footage.


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