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How-to: Change your Fox Float seals

How-to: Change your Fox Float seals

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We like stuff like this at Bike Magic. It’s good to know that companies like Mojo aren’t desperate to keep the ins and outs of their trade ‘secret’. Of course, not everyone will be happy to jump-in and attempt to follow this instructional film to change the seals on a Fox Float rear shock, but it’s interesting viewing anyway.

You can buy the essentials for a Float service here.

  1. chris-m

    That’s a great vide and it’s well put together too – nice, simple and clean. I’d just like to add to the video above if I may? (wouldn’t be me if I didn’t say something! Lol)
    Some things that weren’t mentioned in the video – make sure you check how much air pressure is in the shock BEFORE you let the air out, because unless you knew in the first place, it’s easy to forget. Write it down too, so you’ll know if your shock leaks. If it does leak, you may need a new Schrader valve core for all of 50p.
    When turning the adjusters (Rebound, Pro Pedal, etc), count the clicks you use (or note the positions), so you can go back to the original settings you had before – assuming these were correct in the first place!
    Whilst the shock is out of the bike, check the spacer bush and DU bush in each end of the shock. Pop the shock into a vice (with the silver spacer bushes still in) and just wobble it from side to side. If you feel some play (movement), then a replacement is needed. Depending how bad they are, you may need the DU bush and the spacer bush too. Consider the new Fox Enduro bushes IF you do need both, as they are (so far) an improvement.


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