Get training with the Atherton family!

If you don’t know of the Atherton trio then you haven’t been following mountain biking in the last decade. Dan, Gee and Rach have been at the top of the game ever since they started competing and have proved to be some of the most professional riders in the sport.

The Atherton family (they go everywhere dressed like this – sponsor’s dream).

Well now you have a chance to ride with them and learn what it is that makes them so good, year on year. Watch this video to find out why you should be keen to get signed up:

Here’s the word from the Atherton camp:

Think you might be able to take on the infamous Welsh quarry that the Athertons hone their skils in? Maybe not…but you could definitely learn from the fastest family on two wheels and improve your riding. Mental toughness from Dan, speed from Gee and just plain pinning it with Rach every part of your riding will be improved during a day with the Athertons.

Date of camp: 22 June, 2013
Number of places: 15
More information: Get Your Wings with Red Bull

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