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Winter Warmers

14:04 26th January 2000 by Bikemagic

After suffering many years of mid-winter discomfort,

clothing is at last making life bearable for the year round MTB’er.

Here is my list of clothing items I swear by to fend off the chill winds.
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Endura bib tights

Lovely and warm with a rubberised shin to fend off the worst of the mud. They also
last for ages.

Karrimor ABL top

A thin thermal underwear top that doesn’t smell or generate static. Incredibly warm
for its weight. Two worn together is as warm as a thin fleece!!

Neoprene overshoes

They get chewed up on the soles very easily
but will last about 2 winters before they disintegrate. £10 a winter for warm
toes is a bargain.

Windstopper fleece gloves WIDTH="100" HEIGHT="161" ALIGN="RIGHT" BORDER="0">

Try Gore or Polaris. Toasty warm for such
thin gloves.

Porelle dry socks

Use on their own in less severe conditions,
or in conjunction with overshoes when it’s really grim.

A thin balaclava

Roll up as a skull cap under your helmet, use as a neck warmer, or even go for the
full-on terrorist look when frostbite threatens.

Trek lobster overmitts

Non-breathable black nylon ‘things’. Quite
tricky to ride in but absolute life-savers when nothing else will help. Pack up
very small.

Alexa Lombardia top

Yes – a roadie top. If it were made by an
MTB company it would be called a ‘close fitting micro-fleece mid layer’, but it isn’t.
More comfortable than a fleece top.

Gore-Tex Winner smock

A very simple waterproof top, with a short
zip, no hood and 1 pocket. Made by Gore bikewear, and the most breathable waterproof
I have ever worn. Wear it even when it doesn’t rain to save on mid layers – you’ll
have to carry a waterproof anyway at this time of year. And the best bit, 340grams
and £99. Bargain.

A buffalo supporter

A little known piece of kit that protects that most important of all extremities
(male readership only). Keeps your bits cosseted behind pertex and thick fibrepile,