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Win a Knog Boomer Wearable LED light - all this week

Win a Knog Boomer Wearable LED light - all this week

Now the clocks have changed riding in the dark is unavoidable, so you’ve got to equip yourself with some decent lights to make sure you’re highly visible to other road users when you’re riding to the office/trails/college/pub.

This cool new little light from Knog makes it easy to fix in place no matter what you’re wearing. It’s novel design gives you two mounting options – an integrated clip to fix to a bags light loop or a small curved clip attached with four very strong magnets. Whack it on your jacket, t-shirt, rucksack, anywhere that takes your fancy, you’re not restricted like other lights, and hey presto you’re lit up like a Christmas tree.

Inside the stylish plastic designed housing is a high powered red LED rated to 20 Lumens. The batteries provide well over 12 hours burn time on constant but on flash, the mode we recommend using, that figure will rise to 36 hours. It’s available in six colours and costs £20.44.

Five lights to be won this week

Thanks to TodaysCyclist, we’ve got a fantastic Knog Boomer Wearable light to giveaway every day this week. And all you have to do is tell us about your best/worst/funniest night riding incident.

You can tell your story in this forum thread here (register here) or through our Facebook or Twitter page.

If you’re not a member of, you can register for free here.

  1. Steve Smith

    Riding down a steep road leading off Salisbury Plain last winter and a baby badger runs out in front of me. As I swerved to avoid it, my pedal hit the verge and I launched over the handle bars with the bike following me as I was clipped in. The badger trotted off down the road whilst I nursed a very sore wrist and picked up the pieces of my light…..

  2. Ian Stewart

    Picture it. A dark December night in the “frozen North.” I was on my favourite night time trail. Not too difficult but highly enjoyable. A mix of single track and fireroads through local parkland. I had done this ride so many times I swear I could have done it with my eyes closed, and lights off. Or so I thought! There I was, I had just finished a difficult section of singletrack and had made my way onto a landrover track. It was always a bit of an “electric” road, you know the sort its going up but feels like down, so I did what I usually did and gunned it. That’s when disaster struck. I wasn’t aware that a 9 inch square, wooden post (which had always lain in the grass at the side of the track) had been re-installed by some “thoughtful” council employee to create a gate. You know the sort of gate I mean, the sort you see border guards raise and lower in spy movies. So hurtling towards this unknown danger, my lights picked out the ominous shape of the black horizontal post too late for me to take any avoiding action or even brake. I slammed into it, and went from 20mph to ero instantly. I was left hanging over the post like some Tom and Jerry cartoon character, legs dangling helplessly and fighting for breath, while I watched the rear light of my bike wobble it way along the track without me. The bike came off best as the handlebars and saddle had passed below the post leaving me behind. So with two badly bruised biceps, massive bruising to the chest, and a broken rib, I collected my bike and made a slow and painful way home at a snails pace. A couple of weeks later I returned and disposed of the offending post deep in the adjacent forrest. Vandalism I know but done for altruistic reasons. The local authority have since replaced the gate but this time left a space for bike to pass through and the gate itself is brightly painted yellow and black. I only wish it had been so on that dark night in December in the “frozen North.”

  3. Royston Smith

    Ten o’clock at night, emerging from dark woods onto an unlit gravel track, I started hearing a mysterious squeaking noise which got louder as I carried on. What was it? The grim reaper sharpening his scythe or a giant deranged bat?

    The answer soon became clear as an old car came into the beam of my lights. Inside I could just about make out a couple of semi-clad people “at it” in the car, causing it to rock on its noisy suspension.

    They were a bit surprised to be suddenly lit up by 500 lumens of LED power however. In fact they seemed to think they’d been busted by the police or something and started frantically trying to get clothes on. As I cycled by though they realised I was just a “mad cyclist” and stopped panicking. I carried on my way and they resumed their business.

    Unfortunately under the circumstances we didn’t speak so I couldn’t tell them I was near my turning round point and would be back in ten minutes. They did seemed a little less surprised to see me the second time and didn’t stop to check.

  4. David Arthur

    Congratulations Steve and Royston, you’ve both won a fab Knog light! Can you email us asap please to claim your prizes


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