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Video: Would You Take Your Brakes Off and Ride This?

Video: Would You Take Your Brakes Off and Ride This?

Would you take your brakes off voluntarily to hit your highest speed yet? Casey Brown did just that and here is the evidence! Fair play to her and her death grip.

For mountain bikers, going fast is just a part of what we do, but we do it knowing we have a safety net: brakes. But imagine if you didn’t have brakes to stop you? Imagine voluntarily riding brakeless? Meet World Cup downhill racer Casey Brown.

  1. serge the seal of death

    Seems to have been blocked for copyright

  2. serge the seal of death

    OK now. pretty mental

    1. James McKnight

      Pretty bonkers isn’t it?!

  3. serge the seal of death

    Would have been good to see the run off on the go when she took the brakes off, what is the stopping distance for a bike traveling at 90 kmph with no brakes,

  4. Tandemtom

    Pity those putting up the video feel it necessary to speed up the footage. Falsely hyping things up like this just degrades the reality. Repost it at its proper speed and let us see it in real time…and with a camera at eye level!

  5. GJ82

    Surely swapping all that baggy clothing for something slick would have made far more difference than taking the brakes off.
    But hey, it wouldn’t look half as rad would it?

  6. 29'er

    I agree, riding naked would definitely of hit 100

  7. Tandemtom

    loose the baggy clothing, refit the brakes…(more weight equals more downhill speed), perhaps add a streamlined set of panniers full of bricks and I reckon 120 should be possible!

  8. BCCletts

    Full face helmet, motorcycle overalls and…. bare hands. Nice to see you REALLY thought through PPE issues there…..

  9. Andy Dub

    Since when have Americans worked in kilometres per hour think you will find that is 59.65 miles per hour.


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