Video: Trail sabotage at Hamsterley Forest

Durham Police are investigating after a mountain biker was thrown from his bike by a booby trap on Hamsterley Forest’s downhill track.

Lukasz Sikorski was riding at 20mph when he hit a rope tied between two trees, sending the rider crashing onto the snow-covered ground. Bikemagic forum members have reported similar incidents in Epping Forest and Haldon Forest.

“By rights this rider should have received serious injuries possibly fatal, we stress…that this is a pure attempt to seriously injure users of the facility,” said Craig Hunter of Descend Hamsterley.

“Due to this incident we must advise that all riders check the tracks before use (even though management check the trails daily), we cannot risk another incident of this nature as next time it could be a whole lot worse.”

The organisation is offering “a substantial reward” for info that leads to an arrest. Contact Craig at Descend –

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