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Video: Super Scary Halloween Bike Chase!

Video: Super Scary Halloween Bike Chase!

Get yourself in the mood for a spooky night ride with this Halloween special from Thomas Gaffney Photography!

After taking to the infamous Cannock Monkey Trail our two protagonists stumble into the path of the dreaded downhill demon AKA Eliot Machin. It is here that the pair try, with all their might, to avoid the clutches of the evil doer by escaping down the Upper Cliff trail. But alas, the beast is powered by a force not of this world & the tricky rock gardens prove too much for Tolley, our first explorer. After falling victim to the demon’s supernatural speed he is transformed into a deathly figure, subservient to his demon master. As the two gain pace, Headley spins out, leading to what surely was a gruesome demise.


  1. Jay Roach

    a demon running a rear mudguard? i don’t think so!


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