Video: Strength in Numbers Utah segment set free

There’s something particularly wonderful about watching great riders, guys at the top of their game, pulling jaw-dropping moves in spectacular landscapes.

Big air and big scenery in ‘Strength in Numbers’

Anthill FilmsStrength In Numbers is full of such scenes, especially in the segment shot in Green River, Utah which the makers have just made available free, gratis and for nothing.

The folks at Anthill say of this segment: “Green River is a modern day ghost town, its quiet streets and empty buildings swallowed up by the desert stretching out in all directions; nothing is “near” to here. It just so happens that this desert holds the mother lode for freeriding terrain.

“And while only a handful of riders have the vision, skill and nerves to ride in this foreboding landscape, what they accomplish here constantly reshapes the face of mountain biking as we know it.”

Want to see what they’re making a fuss about? Here are Thomas Vanderham, Ryan Howard and Graham Agassiz doing their thing:

You can get the full movie from Anthill Films.

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