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Video: Running Over Photographers...

Video: Running Over Photographers...

Ouch… This rider looks like he got a bit too pedal-happy coming into the final jump at last weekend’s British Downhill Series race. Photographer is sitting inside the tapes… You can guess the rest.

killing photographers   YouTube
  1. Steve Simpson

    It’s a Nikon. It’ll be fine

  2. captain whatever

    And lying down as well!

  3. James McKnight

    I like the in-flight commentary.

  4. serge the seal of death

    he was never going to make that turn was he? or do we think the potental landing on someone caused the bail out.

    wonder if the photographer got any photos.

    1. James McKnight

      Looks like he’s checking the back of his camera in the screen shot. Should have a good close up of the front wheel.


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