Video: MacAskill vs Hoy

Here’s a cute little video featuring Britain’s most successful Olympian Sir Chris Hoy and the interweb’s most-watched cyclist Danny ‘YouTube sensation’ MacAskill messing about around and inside Sir Chris’ eponymous velodrome.

It’s all a big plug for the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, of course, but when it features two of the UK’s most-loved bike riders, who are we not to be taken in by its virally goodness?

Footnote: The April 2009 video that shot Danny to worldwide fame and prompted more cries of ‘How the hell did he do that?’ than any video ever, has now had 31,315,012 views. It’s just over five and a half minutes long, which means that people have spent a total of about three hundred years watching Danny MacAskill leap about.

Blinking flip.

Sir Chris Hoy and Sir Danny MacAskill

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