Video: Kelly McGarry’s Red Bull Rampage 2013 Run

It’s funny how certain events and their documentation can catch the public eye – although not entirely surprising when talking of the Red Bull Rampage.

The Rampage has been running for over a decade now, with its first version having run in 2001. After a little time off to let the dust settle on the form of mountain biking known as freeride, which at that time mainly involved riding off ever-increasingly large drops, Rampage returned in 2008 after a four-year hiatus to a more developed form of bike riding. Riders such as Kiwi Kelly McGarry, who is featured in this video, now dig themselves a course down the mountain in Virgin, Utah, and their runs involve spins, technical moves and of course the odd huge drop-off.

It’s fair to say that 2013 Rampage has reached out to the wider world in a way that no previous event has done – it was even featured on BBC News! When you see a point-of-view run down the mountain like this one you can see just why though. What looks great from any other angle looks terrifying when on-board with McGarry. Who knows where Rampage will take us for 2014 – is it even possible to do anything more than this?

Have a look at some more from 2013 Rampage:

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