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Video: Hope's 'Wheels of Industry' Factory Tour...

Video: Hope's 'Wheels of Industry' Factory Tour...

Is this how all Hope products are made? Better get an order down for a set of those wheels now! What a brilliant edit with just about every big name rider you could want in there (including Dougie Lampkin, Guy Martin, Chris Akrigg and Martyn Ashton amongst others). Peaty and Warner – what a couple of slackers!


  1. Richard Hayter

    Patchy. But some great riding. Dougie Lampkin is a genius.

  2. paulhaysom

    That Rob Jarman is useless – either that our there’s brake fluid all over the place!

  3. andy wildman

    HSE will have a fit there has to be a more efficient way of transporting stuff around the factory.

  4. serge the seal of death

    Steve and Rob, LOL.


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