Video: Gee Atherton at Red Bull Rampage

If you can watch this without at some point using a phrase that starts ‘fu’ and ends ‘king hell’ you have no soul.

Produced and directed by Clay Porter for Red Bull Media House, the third film of the Four By Three series focuses on the middle Atherton, Gee, widely regarded as one of the most progressive riders of his or any time. The film focuses on Gee’s appetite for risk and his want to continually push the limits of his sport.

We follow Gee on a journey to Virgin, Utah and to Red Bull Rampage – a unique event that forces every rider ‘out of their comfort zone’.

The 2012 event proves to be a pure rollercoaster for Gee with an innocuous looking injury in the practice days bringing his participation in the competition into doubt; however what was to follow will make even the gnarliest of onlookers shudder.

“The crux of the line was one of the biggest gaps that I’d ever hit…….sometimes you set a ball rolling and it’s not going to finish until you’ve hit that gap” comments Gee.
Amazing riding coupled with next level cinematography defines Four By Three. The third film brings a dramatic new twist to the series.

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