Video: Charge TV – Fat Bikes and Surf Boards

Fat bikes. The scepter of trade shows, they’re terrifyingly practical, and terrifyingly odd to ride for the first time. Charge, however, hit the “lifestyle” button on their PR video-making-machine, and created something both amusing and fun a the same time. Here it is…

The new 2014 Cooker Maxi is a fat bike. It’s great on snow, sand and just in the good old dirt. If floats on 4 inch wide low pressure balloon tyres, that roll in a newly designed version of our tough Cooker frame.

The Cooker Maxi forms part of the new 2014 Charge Bikes range and this week (Thursday 29th August) sees the launch of our all-new 2014 website and range of products.

As an example the Cooker Maxi complete bike retails for $1599 USD in the US and £1200 in the UK and will be available from October 2014 worldwide, check out the new website later this week for more info!

A size small is featured in this video.

Rider: Chris Doney

Videographer: Alex Rankin

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