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Video: Audi Electric bike

Video: Audi Electric bike

Along with moving to Monmouth to be surrounded by quality bike riding and test trails galore, Bike Magic also upped sticks to be nearer to the offices of our sister title, Dirt.

Well we certainly achieved just that… In fact we are sharing a room with their web team. Aside from spending their days being rad, the Dirt crew are also devoted to digging out all the best nuggets of randomness for their Friday Randoms. In doing so this week, they came across this mind-bending video of Audi’s new electric bike…


Just how many times have you wished your bike did this?


  1. Textuality

    I look like enough of a wanker already without that bike’s help, thank you very much.

  2. mcbazza

    Would I have to always ride it with the chin-strap on my lid undone? Only, if that’s the case, I’m ok thanks.


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