Video: Argument for Giant's Bold Change to 27.5-inch Wheels...

“27.5-inch wheels roll over rough terrain with 9.8% increased efficiency over 26-inch wheels”

- Any scientists out there?

  1. Mad+Pierre

    I’m perfectly prepared to accept scientific arguments however I have 3 top end bikes, several spare wheels and a pile of tyres that are all 26 inch. I’m not about to replace them all! In fact I simply can’t afford to replace them all.

  2. Jenny Mayhew

    Nice video!

  3. GW

    Old news since KHS Bicycles has been doing it for several years… 9 models in 2013 and the downhill pro teams winning races and the series title, enough said.

  4. Odom

    Agreed. So much 26 inch wheel, tyre stuff. Why would I bin it? I ride plenty fast enough and can ride tight twisty single track not just sweet flowing roads as in this vid.


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