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Updated: Burry Stander passes away

Updated: Burry Stander passes away

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Reports are circulating of the terrible news that South African XC racer Burry Stander has sadly passed away in a tragic accident whilst out on a training ride at home.

Our thoughts are with Burry’s family and friends and we sincerely hope that the rumours are not true.

In a statement by the South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee, the tragic news of Burry Standers’ passing has been confirmed. In the statement, the committee reports that Burry was “killed in a collision with a taxi while training near his home in Shelley Beach on the South Coast.”

Our thoughts are with Burry’s family at what must be a terrible time.

  1. John McGee

    Peace to you Burry, and to your family and friends. I’d give anything if I could just lean over, pick up your bike, dust it off, hand it to you and say, “Here you go man, get on and go!”.

  2. Matt

    Absolutely awful. I watched Burry racing at Fort William and Dalby. A great talent. And what a fantastic performance he put in at the London Olympics. I’m sure he would have become senior mens World Champion – probably several times over. Such a sad loss.
    P.s. he was not a “legend”. The poor guy was only 25 years old. How could he possibly be a legend? Will people please stop using this word inappropriately!

  3. Matt

    Thanks for removing the “legend”. As a humble man, I think Burry himself would have also agreed that he was not one……yet.


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