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UPDATED with WINNERS: Uberbike Components grip giveaway

UPDATED with WINNERS: Uberbike Components grip giveaway

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UPDATE: Winners now chosen.

Well, we had to wade through a whole load of comments that didn’t make it past our judgement criteria, mostly the  “without over-stepping the mark” bit… But we had some giggles reading all your grip jokes and have selected the four winners who are as follows (comment names):

– Angela Nicholson
– Jason Lomas
– Darren Tyson
– Serge the seal of Death

Well done to all of you! We’ll be in touch via email.

It’s January and the festive season is but a faint memory of booze, over indulgence, Cadbury’s Roses and satsumas. We’re beyond 2012 but its legacy is still with us; for many that means an extra tyre – around the waist.

It’s time to get out on the old push-bike, blow out the cobwebs and get those cranks spinning. And what more incentive could you need than a fresh set of grips? Free ones at that.

Thankfully the lovely folk at Uberbike Components have sent over four pairs of their already bargain priced grips for you lot to get your hands on…

We have four pairs of Uberbike Components grips up for grabs.

Well if your steed is in need – of a fresh set of grips (and let’s face it, who doesn’t like new grips?) – then all you have to do is provide us with a bike related caption to go with the below shot of the BM caretaker, Mr Craig…

As ever, the more you make us chuckle, the more likely you are to win one of the sets of grips.

Insert crass joke here.

Enter your captions into the comments box below and be sure that you type your email address correctly or we won’t be able to contact you should you be fortunate to win!

We’ll choose our favourite four captions based on wit, cunning and the ability to include crass humour without over-stepping the mark…

You’ve got until Friday to get a grip on this.

  1. Tim

    And do please be careful with these Bond, once you grab hold of them you won’t be able to let go…

  2. James McKnight

    You’re getting the hang of this Tim, with a little more practise you’ll have a firm grasp.

  3. facebook_jase.humphr

    Torment Bond with one of Raoul Silva’s favourite sex toys. All you have to do is pick which colour. Scott SL’s Black, Niner’s Green or Whytes’s White.

  4. serge the seal of death

    “Uberbike grips, perfect for a rigid grip no mater how rough the terrain, to keep you shaken not stired!”


    Now that’s a BOND James

  6. Timboid

    Very nice Q, but do I wear it, shoot with it, or ummm, you know, use it as a male instrument of pleasure?

  7. mattwalt

    Get a Grop James.

  8. LSS

    The other 3 are up my bum!

  9. jason walsh

    the cardboard cutout was still less wooden than the real things acting.

  10. Barrie Phillips

    Get a grip Bond

  11. judith

    you dont need bond to get a grip , you need bike .. uberbike

  12. jaxjax123

    Are you sure that news years honors ceremony was official? My MBE medals just don’t look right.

  13. shelagh milne

    You dont need to Skyfall to own an Uberbike grip

  14. DM748

    007 licensed to feel!

  15. Paul Jonsen

    Q, I could not have defeated arch villain Raoul Silva without the three spare Uberbike lock-on grips given to me by Vespa: perfect for mainting constant grip on a most difficult situation.

  16. Paul Mse Green

    Well my dear, I take it you spend quite a lot of time in the saddle

  17. Geo Rob

    Hey Bond, when I was talking getting a good grip of a bike i was talking about these, not Pussygalour!

  18. Andy Fraser

    So Q, fit these to any bike and t’ll become a demon racer, but its the third one strategically placed that will attract the ladies.

  19. Agrippa

    You’ll be better off with the bike, 007 – it’s not an Aston Martin were giving you, it’s an Austin Fartin’

  20. Jason Lomas

    Hold on tight Bond. It’s all downhill from here!!!

  21. matt williamson

    these grips may not leave you shaken but stirred to ride more

    ps vanquish is a great name for a killer bike

  22. Kyle Aspinall

    Do you expect me to talk!?

    No Mr Bond, I expect you to grasp hold of these fantastic Uberbike grips with your papier mashe hands! mwahahahah….

  23. pete smith

    placing a firm grip on bond’s shoulder, bike magic reassured him that these things would help him get ‘Pussy Galore’

  24. Andrea Smith

    James Bond always liked to keep a souvenier of the bikes he’d mounted

  25. Demonix

    No Miss Money Penny the ribbed rubber items in question are for a completely different kind of ride…

  26. rhannah

    no, Miss Moneypenny, they’re a ‘knurled, half-waffle design’, not ‘ribbed for your pleasure’ …

  27. Darren Tyson

    Get a grip on yourself bond!!

  28. Thomas

    007 License to Grip

  29. Phil Darling

    Mr Bond – are you pleased to see me, or is that a turnip in your pocket

  30. alan taylor

    I can’t decide which earing goes with this outfit

  31. Pete W

    M, Please tell me, what is this new gadget?!?!?!

    Its unbelievable!

    Will it fit on my Walter PPK?

  32. Mark D

    Get a Grip Your Majesty, just jump from my chopper!

  33. Brian Johnston

    The product placement team on Skyfall were getting to grips with the task and doing an uber job.007 had bonded so well with his new bike components that it was magic to see.

  34. tim

    Thanks for the choice Q but the black coordinates best with the Tuxedo on the trails, wouldn’t do to stand out from the crowd now, would it ?

  35. Steve

    The recession means cutbacks, Bond. We’ve sold the Aston Martin and bought an Orange 5. The good news is we’ve got the usual trick gadgetry.

  36. JoC

    Daniel’s Uberbike grip is his Bond..any more cardboard acting and he’s on his bike!

  37. Andrzej Kowalik

    Every real man needs his rubber firmly locked for safety. No matter if you have fun with girls, boys or all alone, you can trust UberBike rubber to stay on.

  38. mark

    Bond “ambassador you are really spoling us with these grips”

  39. Jas

    Halle Berry walking out the water in a bikini. It may not have a lot to do with grips. But my eyes “locked onto her”. Do you see what i did there.

  40. Andy Mawer

    That new bond girl is giving me a proper lock-on!

  41. serge the seal of death

    i know this is not an answer, but why did the guys in the office feel the need to make a cardboard bond, or even get the idea to???

  42. Uberbike grips in green please

    Pussey Galore told Bond to get a grip. Bond came back with Uberbike grips. Pussey and Bond have been inseperable since!

  43. Patrik Pyykkönen

    Right now I think you’re the only guys I can trust.

  44. philip conchie

    get a grip your royal highness kate’s only having a baby.

  45. dan

    Get a grip Mr Bond, you’ll end up shaken, not stirred.

  46. barry

    This is the only “grope eh i mean grip i`ll get close to”

  47. Joanna Smith

    And you thought Bond wouldn’t use rubbers…

  48. shazz

    “I just ooze sexiness, come on ladies try to get a grip of the Bond, that’s James Bond, you know you can’t resist my handle.”

  49. russ scott

    “Who says ive got a grip on my shoulder…”

  50. andy wildman

    ‘dont you just know the one i make love to will die later on in the film at the hands of the baddie. think the green one will get it’.

  51. Angela Nicholson

    The names bike, Uberbike

  52. Eleanor Osgood

    “The distance between insanity and genius is measured only by your Uberbike grip”

  53. Laura Hadland

    Bond might just be a 2 dimensional character, but uberbike grips are awesome in 360 degrees.

  54. Rik Line

    Finally, something ribbed for MY pleasure

  55. cogandsprocket

    You’ll be spending more time hanging off bars with these but I can’t guarantee any Vodka Martinis.

  56. Royston

    007 – Licensed to ride bikes until the SKYFALLs down.

  57. Paul Edward Montador

    Daniel Craig Stars in the remake of Papillion
    Now he just has to decide which UberGrip he wishes to use like Dustin Hoffman did to secrete his valuables!!!

  58. serge the seal of death

    winning streak, must try and get some things with more Value, But cheers BM


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