Transpyrenees Hardstyle – Episode 3: The Sacred Mount Canigó

We like this video here at BM, because it gives us a sense of escapism and makes us want to get out and explore some new trails.

Here’s what Marc Cerdan has to say about the video…

In October 2013 I started the 1st big adventure of the project: cross the Pyrenees mountain range by an experimental way, mixing GR10, GR11, HRP routes, mountain bike parks, local enduro trails and climbing as many summits as possible. And I named it the Transpyrenees Hardstyle, you will see why…

And here is the story; I hope to transmit to you all the joy I felt during this trip. Maybe it inspires something new in you, maybe it encourages you to start your own solo mission, in that case please! Let me to know! And keep in mind, a solo mission, just starts solo, but the way is full of nice people!

If you missed the first two videos you can check them out here.

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