Tiny bike thieves and freestyle grannies

Singapore was just recovering from the shocking news of an armed robber escaping from a shop on a childs bike when news reached them of a parade of stunt pulling pensioners.

The thief “wearing colourful clothes and slippers” escaped on a kids BMX with over £300 worth of cash after threatening the shopkeeper with a cleaver, but it seems he was lucky to have escaped pursuit from the latest biker gang in town.

Riders from secondary schools, polythechnics and ‘working professionals and retirees’ aged between 15 and 72 are being trained for a stunt riding display in the annual Chingay street parade on Feb 10, to promote cycling as a fun and healthy sport. ‘We want to prevent dangerous cycling.

If children don’t have the skills and knowledge to ride safely, they are going to get hurt, helmet or no helmet.’ Luckily for them and spectators all the team have completed intensive safety-riding and bicycle-control lessons for the parade.

No plans yet for over 60’s trials demonstrations at the local bowls club here, but it makes you realise why they nearly all ride small wheeled shoppers; It’s to get the clearance for step thru’s and nack nacks even on those arthritic days. Respec.

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