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Tell me it isn't true...drugs in enduro?

Tell me it isn't true...drugs in enduro?

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This is not a good news story to either start the day or end the week on. The French cycling federation (FFC) have released a statement detailing the positive test of an as-yet unnamed enduro racer.

The charge is a measly six-month ban, effective at present and finishing in March of this year. The rider in question…well they remain unnamed, simply referred to as “M….” (a French licensed racer) in the federation’s statement. The offence was at the 2011 Megavalanche on Reunion Island – a late-season event which is popular with French riders.

Details are clear – the positive result was that of hydrochlorothiazide, a masking agent – and yet incredibly, shockingly brief and protected. This is not the sort of behaviour that we expect within our friendly sport and the sort of riders willing to cheat are not the types who deserve to be helped by having their identities protected.

Click here if you can read French.

More news on the witch hunt as it comes in…

  1. Ian Robertson

    I think the “M” is just being used as short for Monsieur, as we would say Mr…..
    Anyway, shocking news, not what mountain biking is supposed to be about..

    1. paulhaysom

      Ian, Madame also begins with an M! They haven’t specified gender yet.

      1. Ian Robertson

        Normally Mme? or Mlle? for the chicks?

      2. paulhaysom

        Ah yes just looked in to that – you’re quite right!

  2. le Rosbif Sospellois

    The offending party is definitely French and definitely male.

    1. Ian Robertson

      Nice alias :)

  3. Dick Barton

    Are we really surprised? The ‘need’ to win is there in every aspect of our sport (and every sport there is)…we shouldn’t be foolish enough to think that our neck of the sport is clean…I’d like to think it was but I suspect it’s not…although I suspect it isn’t as rife as the road fraternity…

    1. le Rosbif Sospellois

      I don’t think we’re hugely surprised, but I DO think we need to do the right thing about this right how, i.e. make a big thing about it and push for publication of the offender’s name + suitable sanctions. Thanks BikeMagic for reporting.

  4. paulhaysom

    What is interesting is if this doping crosses over into another discipline i.e. world XC events. Will this affect other areas of our racing world?

    1. paulhaysom

      By this I mean will the implicated rider’s other results be investigated, if they also race XC.

  5. Dick Barton

    Good point…kill it dead so people are aware of the heavy consequences so it isn’t ‘encouraged’…

  6. ronald

    Love ly

  7. James McKnight

    Apparently there’s a statement from the Avalanche organisers floating around the internet – anyone seen it?

  8. Toby Bellman

    Just coincidence that there is a Jerome Clementz video listed below in the related section?

  9. Toby Bellman

    Not suggesting that it is him. Just asking…….

  10. Dick Barton

    It’s related as it mentions Enduro in the title perhaps?


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