Super M-cowa 24” wheels

Having upgraded to an mtb from BMX last year, I did not want
to make the leap fully to 26" inch wheels. So I bought 24 inchers. These were
the Super M-Cowa rims available from SuperCycles Nottingham.

Upon first glance they bear an almighty resemblance to that old stalwart rim of the
BMX scene, the Alex Supra Fat, which is no bad thing, these are some of the best
BMX rims on the market. There is however one little problem, weight. These puppies
are *heavy*. with mine built onto DDG and guess disc hubs, and with Duro Wildlife
Leopard 2.6" (rear) and 3.0" front, they weigh in at about 10 kilos, I
do not jest.

The upshot to this is however, a nigh on unbreakable set of rims. The ride of these
wheels is highly individual to say the least. With the added weight they are hard
to sprint. When I put them on my bike I found that I was consistantly riding in one
gear lower than I usually would do with my old wheels. But there is a bright side
to this. At speed they are extremely stable, where my old 26" wheels skittered
around these babies would just plough though, this is helped by my monstrous 3"
front tyre, which is supernaturally grippy, I have never made it drift, and I have

All in all a brilliant wheel set, virutally unbreakable, perfect for street and trails,
and maybe even DH if you fit the 3" tyres, but all this comes at the cost of
weight, these’ll make you feel as if you filled your inner tubes with mercury.

Picture coming soon

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