Embrace the last gasp of autumn. Winter is nearly here

Some say the British countryside looks its best this time of year. We tend to agree. Autumn sweeps the landscape with a magnificent spread of colours, rich greens and reds compete with yellows and oranges, its natures swansong before the winter encroaches.

It’s easy put the mountain bike away now, but there’s much to look forward to. Cold crisp mornings, mud splattered faces, night rides after work, warm pubs to relive thrilling rides. The cooler temperature means you don’t overheat so much, and generally stay drier (unless it rains).

Trails take in a new characteristic. Carpeted in leaves and crunching under tyre as we belt through the singletrack, rocks and roots hidden from view, leaves kicked up in our wake. The cool crisp smell of autumn is best enjoyed on the mountain bike. Autumn mountain biking is more exhilarating, refreshing and head clearing than any other season.

Some might say mountain biking is best enjoyed in the autumn. We think whoever said that is onto something.

But a warning, autumn’s gasp is all too short. As the clocks go back this Sunday, soon the its delights will be replaced with the murky weather of winter,with steady rain, dark mornings, muddy trails and everything else we despise about the gloomiest season setting in around us. So make the most of autumn, and get out there and seize the last of the nice weather while you can.

Photo © Joolze Dymond.

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