Suicide bomber on a bike!

PA NEWS reports that three people have died as suicide bomber attacked an air force bus

A suicide bomber rammed his bicycle into a bus carrying 25 soldiers, killing himself and two civilians on the highway to Sri Lanka’s international airport.

None of the soldiers were killed or injured, police say. The suicide bomber and two passers-by were killed, and another six civilians were wounded.

A witness said, “I suddenly heard a loud explosion. I saw vehicle tyres and the bodies flying. I saw a body of a man without his legs.”

Police suspect that the body was that of the suicide bomber.

The bus driver was hailed a hero.

“The bus had slowed down and the driver saw the bicycle and became suspicious. He managed to swerve his vehicle, thus not allowing the bomber to hit the target properly,” said the Defence Ministry spokesman, Brigadier Palitha Fernando.

“It could have been a huge disaster had not the driver of the bus reacted quickly,” Fernando added.

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