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This weekends excellent Dragon Downhill race
was marred by some ‘competitors’.

On the face of it the transport and results
processing was below standard on Sunday and the organisers inevitably took some flack.
Jason was looking more hassled than an organiser should (they have to expect some!).
The root of the problems transpired as they finished processing the results from
Sundays racing. 80 racers who had entered and paid to race Saturday only had also
raced on Sunday. How they were allowed to start is a problem for the organisers to
address. However, that does not detract from the fact that 80 riders raced and used
transport all day without paying for the privilege.

If you are one of these riders please be warned
that Jason has your numbers. Expect to hear from him. To ensure you are able to enter
any more rounds of this series please send your fees to Dragon Downhill as soon as

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