Strange things afoot at X-Lite


Forget the Wompa fork, Clickon seatposts and other
gubbins, try this to find out what X-Lite are really up to:-

If you’re running an Apple Mac, chances are that clever Flash enabled sites sometimes
don’t know that you’ve got Flash downloaded onto your machine. So they dump you out
to a page offering you a chance to view the HTML version or download Flash.

The X-Lite site doesn’t seem to be working quite right… This is what happened to

First up I type in:-

This takes you to the page that’s flagged<FONT
SIZE=”2″ FACE=”Arial”>

and it tells me that I need to download Flash or “Click here to view HTML version”.
Now, my browser has Flash, but there’s no option to force it to view the Flash page,
so, I click to get the html version. Then I get sent to…


File not found. Ah… This page’s address is


So thinking that some code might be slightly wrong, I
edit the URL to give<FONT

Which takes me somewhere that’s clearly on the
X-Lite site, but not any mountainbiking product we’ve seen before!


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